It is necessary to have an empty stomach before receiving general anesthesia. In most cases, patients are required to abstain from eating and drinking after midnight on the night before their scheduled surgery to reduce the chances of vomiting while under anesthesia.

When a person is under general anesthesia, the body does not work normally. Certain reflexes are relaxed, and if vomiting occurs, it may enter the lungs, leading to serious complications. Every precaution is taken to avoid this occurrence. Adhering to the “no food after midnight” rule is essential for patient safety.

The requirement may differ for those receiving regional or local anesthesia. Some dentists request that patients receiving regional anesthesia abstain from ingesting any food or liquid, just in case general anesthesia has to be used. Some sedatives also can induce nausea in sensitive individuals. A patient receiving local anesthesia without sedation for a minor procedure generally does not have any dietary restrictions, but this should always be discussed with the surgeon prior to surgery.

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