Care of the mouth after surgery has an important effect on healing. Swelling, discomfort, oozing of blood and restricted jaw movement are all expected.  The following instructions can minimize these effects.


Discomfort is expected. Medications will be prescribed to make you more comfortable. Take the medications as prescribed. Medications should not be taken on an empty stomach. Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) every six hours for the next 3 days.

Care of Mouth

Do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth the day of surgery. The morning after surgery rinse gently using the prescribed mouthwash.  When brushing your teeth the day after surgery, avoid the surgical site(s).


A soft food diet is recommended for at least 7 days.  Do not eat anything sticky or chewy. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid using straws, instead use a spoon if necessary.  In the week following your extraction, you are advised to avoid foods that require chewing.


Swelling is at its greatest 2 days after surgery. After your surgery, apply ice to the operated side of the face as soon as possible. Apply cold packs as much as possible. Continue through the day after your surgery. After 48 hours, begin to apply moist heat. Wet a washcloth and microwave it for 20-30 seconds. Massage jaw area.


Nausea may accompany the discomfort during the post-operative period. Small sips of tea, 7-up or ginger ale may help.


Do not smoke for at least two weeks following your surgery.


It is not unusual to have slight bleeding or oozing for 24 hours and periodic breakthrough bleeding for 10 days after surgery.
A folded piece of gauze has been placed in the area of surgery prior to your leaving the office. Bite on it with constant pressure. Remove the gauze and discard after 20 minutes. Replace the gauze only if needed. Avoid spitting or rinsing the day of your surgery.


The week after surgery, limited activity is best. Resting in a reclined position is most comfortable.



Stitches may be placed at the time of surgery. In most cases, they are expected to come out/dissolve within 5-7 days following your surgery.

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